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May 08 to 07, 2005 China Central Expo

Rest assured that the pump, the force made high, China Central Bo show high power!
    In May 2016, the 17th China Central Expo was a great success. Li Gao is a set research and development, manufacturing and sales of high-quality metering pumps as one of professional manufacturers. In the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" concept, and vigorously promote technological innovation, open up high-end market.
    Since the beginning of 2013 research to create a "metering pump intelligent new era." The exhibition focused on the company's new research and development of the world's first "high-intelligent metering pumps and mobile phone APP" control system, the product attracted great attention from home and abroad, the high capacity of the products there are sets of drugs Equipment, metering pumps to install automated alarm system, the rotor pump, etc., is subject to many new and old customers of all ages, many exhibitors at the exhibition are on-site detailed consultation and orders, the high display of the products on the pole Big interest, many customers hope that through this opportunity for in-depth cooperation. This exhibition to the exhibitors who brought a strong, new impact!
    Now let Xiaobian with a group of photos with everyone to review it!


High power pump new research and development of the world's first mobile phone when the steward's intelligent metering pump. With the server, network communication board and the motor control panel and other intelligent equipment connection, metering pump can be achieved through the relevant software remote real-time control. Relative to the ordinary metering pump, through the intelligent control of the metering pump safety factor higher transmission distance farther, compatibility is also stronger. In the petrochemical and other fields have been widely used in practice.