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Power high 2017 annual sales meeting

The meeting was held by General Manager Chen Daoqiu at the meeting, attended by Zhang Jianfeng, Head of Sales Department, Yao Jin, Head of Finance Department, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Yixing, and other fourteen branches, the Office of the person in charge and its members to participate in this meeting.
After the meeting, Chen Daoqiu first introduced the main content and schedule of the meeting, the headquarters of the senior staff from the department to recruit staff from the production process, technical services, legal knowledge, financial norms, after-sales service, etc. in-depth Explain the analysis, the popularity of professional skills, strengthen customer service awareness, the participants reacted strongly, on the work of the past there are hot and difficult issues to start a heated discussion; at the same time in the "2017 years, make persistent efforts, create brilliant," the focus of the work reached Consistent, condensed the consensus.

Finally, the general manager Chen Daoqiu make a summary of the meeting and put forward earnest hope and good wishes for everyone, the meeting in the "high elite family portrait" shooting warm atmosphere, at 7:00 on February 7 ended successfully.

General Manager Chen Daoqiu presided over the meeting

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