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Vision: to become a hundred year enterprice with social respect, customer trust, employee satisfaction 

Employees are the foundation of enterprise survival and development. Ligao adhere to the people-oriented, so that staff satisfy and love work. Ligao people will provide customers with quality products and services  and create greater values for customers and the community. 

Mission:  innovation for customers' interests
Customer demand is the driving force for the development of Ligao. Creating benefits for customers is the high value for Ligao. Ligao try to create long-term value for customers through continuous innovation, so that customers will always be full of surprises with our high-quality products and services.

Concept: integrity, innovation, cooperation and efficiency

Integrity is the most important intangible assets of Ligao. Ligao adhere to the integrity of enterprises, to win employees, suppliers and customers trust.
Innovation is the source of value, we continue to innovate, for customers, businesses and society to create the greatest value and promote the sustainable development of enterprises.
Cooperation is an important means of internal and external win-win way for Ligao. Ligao pay high attention to the growth of employees and suppliers and customers long-term relationship, seek common opportunities and share the fruits of cooperation.
Efficient is Ligao working style and has always been an important force to maintain a competitive advantage. We have rapid response, rapid decision-making, and decisive implementation.

Values: Make every pump well for customer

We believe that high-quality products is the conduct of the enterprise. we refuse to mediocrity. We carefully build every pump for our customer. We provide them with reliable and high-quality products so that customers feel rest assured if purchasing our pumps. We firmly believe it is the value of Ligao, and will create more  opportunities for employees more benefits for the community.

Talent View: Both ability and talent pay attention to contribution
Ligao adhere to the employment standard of people-oriented, talent respect, ability and political integrity, character primary. We are regardless of seniority, but ability-oriented, performance-oriented. The company will provide staff a broad display space and platform, so that they can give full play to their talents.