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Packaged Dosing System for Polymer

Product number:30

Shelf time:2019-05-27

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Packaged Dosing System for Polymer

   LIGAO Packaged Polymer Dosing Systems is Integrated skid for PAM, PAC and other powder. The dry polymer material is added through the stainless hopper feeder. The preparation of polymer solution is completed progressively in individual chemical tank. The tanks are separated in order to obtain the best reaction time and constant concentration. The device is automatically controlled by control system. When the level meter detects the liquid reaching the low level, the flow meter will automatically open. The flow meter contact the start of the powder feeder.The amount of powder depends on the amount of water supply, in order to obtain accurate concentration. When the liquid reaches high level, the circulation stops, while the 2 (or 3) stirrers are still working.


Features and Benefits:

1. the system is highly integrated;

2. Automatic control cabinet with PLC is available;

3. Robust design, easy operation, convenient installation, only need water and power supply at site;

4. 100% premixing effect;

5. Good corrosive resistance; the wet part is engineering plastic or stainless steel;

6. Application for powder, fiber material,as well as liquid material;

7. High efficient stainless steel mixer.


Standard Configurations:

1.Three-chamber tank, with three drain outlets;

2.Two stirrers, one metering pump( diaphragm,plunger or hydraulic metering pump);

3.Water supply with pressure reduce valves and ball valves;

4. the dry feeder is with a hopper;

5. Level switch and level meter;

6. Electric cabinet, overflow outlet, solenoid valve,flow meter.



Water treatment,waste water treatment,paper factory,chemical factory and so on.


Parameter Sheet

Type Parameter Control
Capacity(L) Tank Material
JY-450 650 2 chambers 304 Manual/Automatic/PLC/DCS remote/GPRS wireless/ special requirement(explosion proof、>VFD、>heat and so on)
JY-100 1250 3 chambers 304
JY-1500 1700 3 chambers 304
JY-2500 2700 3 chambers 304
JY-1500P 1700 3 chambers PVC/PP
JY-2500P 2700 3 chambers PVC/PP
JY-4000P 4250 3 chambers PVC/PP
JY-6500P 6720 3 chambers PVC/PP